New Girl

Hello, Internet!

Here I am to showcase my attempts to look decent while working and being a single mom…this could be interesting!

I love clothes. LOVE! I could easily spend my entire paycheck on them. However, that’s obviously really dumb and impossible because, ya know, I have to feed and house myself and my children. So, here’s my attempt to work what I’ve got while adding to my wardrobe thoughtfully and selectively.

A few things about me:

  • I don’t do heels much. I’m only 5 feet tall, so I SHOULD do them more, but my feet hate them. And, I have to run around after two little boys and that plus heels just doesn’t work!
  • I work in a casual office, but I enjoy dressing nicely for work.
  • I’m not afraid of skirts and dresses- I wear them often. I love looking girly.
  • I’m not a great accessorizer, but I love a good necklace and scarves are my friend, especially in the fall and winter.
  • Because of my heel aversion, I wear lots of flats and I love a comfy shoe.
  • I live in a small town in Southeast Missouri, so my shopping options are pretty limited. I do a lot of online shopping, but also enjoy my local stores. My favorite stores in my town are: Maurices, JC Penny, and a few local boutiques. I  also order online a lot from Old Navy or go there when I go out of town. I also love Target, Kohl’s and Loft, and a little Nordstrom and GAP now and then. I am a big sale shopper. I’m also very open to try new places, those are just my normal go-to stores. Another weakness are the daily deal sites like and Zulily. So fun and kind of addicting!
  • My favorite style inspiration comes from Pinterest (of course!). Check out the link on the sidebar for a link to my “I Feel Pretty” board. I update it often!
  • I’m not afraid to try new things. I love trying out a trend. Who cares if I look back at a picture in 30 years and laugh? It’s fun! (And laughing is my favorite!)
  • My bag collection is pretty sparse. I carry around my beloved Vera Bradley backpack most days because it holds all my stuff, plus diapers and wipes (for my almost 3 year old…let’s not talk about that!), toys, and sippy cups. Eventually I may try to have a grown up bag!
  • I love fashion blogs and will eventually get around to linking some on the sidebar.

That’s good for now. I’m excited to start this!


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