Leopard Skirt

My first outfit post! So exciting! I’ve been reading style blogs for quite a while now and I love them! They’re so much fun and I’m so ready to get things rolling with my own! Here’s what I wore to work yesterday:

photo 1 (1)

I love me some leopard print! Shoes, shirts, skirts, scarves, accessories- I LOVE it! I was separated from about half of my wardrobe and just got all my pieces back in the last few weeks (long story involving divorce and moving and all kinds of mess, but it’s over and all is well. Thank you, Jesus!). Oh my goodness, the possibilities seem endless after 8 months of a limited wardrobe! I had forgotten all about this adorable Loft Outlet skirt I got last summer until I pulled it out and knew I needed to wear it ASAP! I have a turquoise tank I’ve worn with it, but saw a great inspiration pic on Pinterest and decided to change things up to make my skirt more work appropriate. I actually thought I’d gotten the outfit directly from the Pinterest pic, but I guess I meshed a few things together to land on chambray and leopard.

DSC_0708From Outfitposts.com via Pinterest



inspiration pic1

From Pinterest, can’t link to original page

Chambray shirts have been in heavy rotation for me for a few years now, but I recently got this new one from JC Penney. My first one (from an Old Navy outlet) is pretty short, which works sometimes, but I tend to like my shirts a little longer and it’s also just dressier looking.

photo 2 (1)


Here’s a look at my accessories. Love these new gold flats from Target. There was a sale when I visited one a few weeks ago, so I snagged them! I also just got this spike/pave bracelet from Groopdeals.com. I’ve seen them on various sites for a year now, but finally found one for a great price a few weeks ago! The belt came with another skirt. Love when I can mix and match stuff like that!

I love this outfit because the mix and match possibilities are endless! I’m loving the chambray shirt with a printed skirt, and of course it could go with printed pants as well. If I try this one again, I may add a statement necklace like the second inspiration pic. I can also see this outfit going into fall with a sweater, tights and boots.

Also, I’m really feeling the need to up my outfit selfie game, but I’m still learning!

Love Lauren

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