I Heart Maurices!

Living in a small town, my in-person shopping options are pretty limited. I’m a BIG online shopping fan, but I also love to actually SEE the clothes and try them on in person. One of the few stores we have in town is Maurice’s. I have been going to this store since I was in Jr High and I definitely think they have stepped up their game in recent years. It used to be a very juniors store, and while there’s still some stuff that I just can’t do, they also have some great clothes. Their work wear section is great and I love their pants and jeans that come in lots of lengths and sizes that flatter my very non-junior, post two babies, body! I see ladies from teens to women in their 50’s and 60’s shopping there, so I think there is a lot of great stuff. They also have great shoes and accessories.

They also have great sales. There always seems to be a BOGO 50% sale with different items in the store, and they send out fairly regular coupons if you’re on their mailing list to. They have good online sales, too, which I use sometimes as well (like if my store is out of my size in something or I missed an item in-store). I just got a 25% off coupon (That is re-usable!) in the mail this week and decided to head there on a kid-free evening to do some solo shopping.

They had a LOT of sweatshirt tunics/dresses in the store and I thought they looked SO cute and comfy that I had to try some on.


This one was a great plum color with some cool faux-leather accents. I LOVE elbow patches and these were adorable!


This striped dress was so cute. Unfortunately it was kind of long for me. But I loved the cozy fabric and lace details!


This tunic was actually my favorite of the three. The kangaroo pocket was really cute and it looked and felt perfect for lounging on a cold night or on the weekend. It also comes in a pink stripe (this one is olive). I didn’t end up getting it this time, but I may have to before my coupon expires!

I didn’t get pictures, but I also tried these two sweatshirts on and really liked them too!

camo sweatshirt

Faded Camo Sweatshirt

floral sweatshirt

Floral Sweatshirt

I thought these were SO cozy and are a great way to add a little of some fun trends for fall in your casual wear.

Here are two things that DID go home with me!


This sweater is awesome! It’s such a fun tribal print and it’s in gray, which is a little different. It will go with everything! It’s also very soft and cozy.

I tried it on with a wine colored shirt, which was really cute and made me think of how I could wear it with my wine colored pants this fall. Fun!

The floral baseball shirt is a lot of fun too. It’s very soft and I liked the colors a lot. I might actually do some pattern mixing and wear the cardigan with the shirt. I think that will be really cute. I’m really liking the floral for fall trend that’s everywhere right now. I’ve always done spring and summer florals, but this is a little different.

I also got these pants, which I am wearing in the pics but are hard to see. They are kind of part pants/part leggings. They are nice and thick (no jiggling allowed, unlike some leggings!) but are still super skinny. They are perfect for boots. These come in different lengths, which I love and this pair comes up fairly high to hide a muffin top (not that I would know….lol!).

skinny pants

I got them because I have this pair from two years ago that I have worn just about constantly! They are amazing! These have pockets and button and zipper just like regular pants. They’re wonderful! They also have them in this great wine color with faux leather trim on. If I didn’t have pants in this color already, I would probably have to get these!

skinny ponte pantswine skinny pants

There are SO many more things I could have tried besides these. I will definitely have to make this a muti-parter! I love trying new things and sharing the things I find- whether it looks good or not!

What do you think? Are you a Maurice’s shopper? Any new trends you’re trying out this fall?

Love Lauren

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