Fall Style Challenge- Week 1!

Here we go on a new Style Adventure! This is now my third Style Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On. I love knowing I’m going to be stylish every day and I love getting to put my own spin on the outfits. I also LOVE seeing how other ladies style the same pieces and getting ideas from them through the Facebook group. If things continue as they are going, this may be my favorite challenge yet! “Week” 1 is really just 3 days, but here they are!

Day 1


Day one- I literally thought on Sunday evening- I hope Day 1 isn’t a striped shirt since my favorite one is in the wash. And, of course, day one was indeed a striped shirt! I made do with this one from Old Navy. It’s a recent purchase, but it surprised me when I got it in the mail because I thought it was going to be black and white, but it is black and grey. It was majorly on sale and not worth sending back. It looked cuter than I had expected!

The outfit called for a tassel necklace, but mine is silver and I wanted more contrast, so I added this ladder necklace I got on jane.com this summer. The jeans are supposed to be boyfriend and I just improvised some straight leg jeans I got super cheap at JCP a while ago.

My booties are Toms that I bought myself for Christmas last year! Lol! I love them so much!

Day 2


I had most of this in my closer already, but didn’t think of putting it all together! The scarf (sold out) and boots are both new from Nordstom. I decided to invest in some nicer boots this year instead of my usual cheap ones that just last one season. These are the second pair I tried (Thanks to Nordstrom’s free shipping and returns). Wide, short calves are not easy to fit! These are still a little snug, but should stretch nicely. They are leather and are very comfy.

I love my little military jacket. It’s from Maurice’s last year. I get lots of wear out of it all year long! Black jeans are also Maurice’s from a few years ago.

Day 3




This outfit is just fun! I added a tank underneath and a sweater on top of my GAP plaid shirt (now sold out). It made it a little edgy but also really cute.

My sweater and booties are new from Maurice’s and my jeggings and necklace are also from there but are no longer available. They do have a lot of jeggings right now and I have several pairs from there that I really like.

If you want to know more about the Style Challenge, click here. You can still get in on the fun!

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Love Lauren

20 thoughts on “Fall Style Challenge- Week 1!

  1. Love all of your outfits! Those boots, I might have to get them next year…I have the same probably as you, big calves short legs…Love your take on the outfits…


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