Closet Organization

Ya’ll I’m just letting you know that today’s topic is ROUGH for me because I’m not an organized person…ESPECIALLY at this point in my life! I’m a creative, messy, big picture kind of person. I am also way more likely to keep my kids’ room clean instead of my own. In addition to my normal crazy, I am in a transitional phase in my personal life and my kiddos and I are staying with my parents for a while. Thus, I have no pictures to show you of my organized closet because my closet is a mess and kind of the dumping ground for stuff I don’t know what to do with! My clothes are fairly organized by type and color, but the rest is a mess. SO, instead of showing what I have done, I’ll show you what I hope to do once I’m in my own place again. All links found via Pinterest (of course!).

One of the first things I want to do is organize my jewelry. Currently all of my necklaces and bracelets are clustered up on a WAY too full jewelry stand and my earrings are in an old jewelry box. SO not working! Things are always getting tangled up and I can never find two matching earrings without dumping everything out and who has time for that?!

Here’s some ideas I’ve been eyeing:

By OldReflections on Etsy via Pinterest

Cute, right?! I love the rustic-ness of the pallet with the colorful jewelry. It may be too big and heavy for my space, but I love the look and the idea.

By Twinkle and Twine

This looks so nice and clean. I actually have a picture frame that I’m saving to do just this with. To get my earrings looking good again. I also like the little shelf space to put things that don’t hang.

By The Frugal Homemaker

This is probably the direction I will go with my necklace board. I already have an old cork board and all that this takes is some paint and pushpins. That’s definitely do-able! I also like that I could move things around to accommodate different necklaces and sizes. Just take out your pushpin and stick it somewhere else! So easy! Plus, I’m a sucker for chevron! 🙂

One thing that I actually AM doing already is this little scarf trick with a hanger and shower curtain rings:

By Peeking Pines

It’s so easy but gets your scarves out where you can see them and find what you want easily.

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got! But be sure to check out what the other ladies have posted! I will be taking notes too!

Love Lauren