Work Wear Challenge

The main reason that I started this blog right now is that I’m about to embark on the Work Wear Challenge from Alison of the Get Your Pretty On blog. This is my second style challenge. In July I did the summer style challenge and it is just a ton of fun! Alison sends out a list of wardrobe pieces that will be mixed and matched all kinds of ways into 21 outfits. Challenge members get an email each evening with the next day’s outfit.

These is also a Facebook group just for those registered for the challenge. That is probably my favorite part of these challenges. During the week and a half between the shopping list being released and the beginning of the challenge, ladies post shopping finds and give each other advice on purchases and what to use in the challenge. Then, once the challenge begins, many ladies post daily selfies to the group. It’s so fun to see how everyone takes the same basic idea and interprets it with their own style. They are also SO encouraging and sweet! It’s great to hear a huge group of ladies tell you you look great today and to encourage others as well. 

I’m part of a group of bloggers who will be documenting their challenge looks on their blogs. I’m excited to share what I will be wearing! I love clothes and putting things together, but this has helped me see how I can use more basics in my outfits and has encouraged me to shop my closet and mix and match to make more outfits. I also love that it gives me a list so I can shop very intentionally for things that will work for the season. It also helped me to try combinations I wouldn’t normally choose on my own.

Here are some of my outfits from the Summer Challenge and starting next Wednesday, I’ll be sharing some things from the Work Wear Challenge.

image (1) image (3) image (6) Summer Outfits